Self Made Mentors

Meet the Men leading the way of an international brotherhood.

Become a Self Made Mentor!

Would you like to use your own journey of Empowerment as a way to be of service and create a career supporting your fellow man? Here at Self Made we believe in Empowering others to Empower others!

We are on a mission to create a ripple effect of heart centred leaders and the fastest and most effective way we have found to do this is by supporting each other to grow and learn the tools to provide lasting transformation to ourselves and others.

Teach it to others

The best way to embody what we learn in life. We provide you with the opportunity to learn the processes to help others clear their shit, rewire their beliefs and step into the most empowered and connected version of themselves!

Timeline Reset Practitioner

As a Self Made Mentor you will learn a skill that you can use for life to release negative emotions and limiting beliefs in yourself and others.

We stand to empower our fellow man and build a community of like-minded men where you are connected to a brotherhood and supported for life.