Join us online this Wednesday at 6pm (AEDT) to connect, learn, grow and evolve with other men. This is a space that you can openly share and come to support your fellow men in a place without judgement.

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    Welcome to the weekly campfire calls

    Through these calls we come together as men supporting each other to grow and evolve.

    As men often we can feel like we carry the weight of the world on our shoulders, which can lead to stress, overwhelm, feeling disconnected from ourselves and loved one’s which can often lead to self destructive behaviours like addiction or holding onto anger or resentment.

    This has become more and more common as in today’s fast paced/high pressure society we can get caught up in life and miss out on taking the time to reflect or communicate what is on our minds and hearts.

    Through our weekly campfire calls you are invited into a safe space to share with and learn from other men, who like you are looking for the best path to move forward, grow and become more of who they really are.

    Our environment plays a massive role in the lives we live. When we are surrounded by toxic people, or those with limited view points on life, it can be hard for us to grow and make changes in our lives for the betterment of ourselves and those who we care about.

    Each week you will have the opportunity to connect with men from all walks of life who all share commonalities in what they are wanting to create and experience more of in their lives.

    If you value your mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing and are committed to becoming the very best version of yourself, then this call is for you.

    The Guidelines:

    These guidelines have been created to support you on your journey and so that the calls can be of the highest standard and integrity, please read the entirety of them prior to coming on the call.


    Throughout our calls we commit to the following:

    • showing up on time. 
    • sharing from a place of vulnerability and an open heart (as best as you can).
    • holding a non-judgmental and compassionate space for the brothers on the call.
    • to refrain from coaching or giving advice


    Privacy guidelines

    We commit to respecting each man’s confidentiality and the entire group’s privacy. 

    Maintaining strong boundaries around our brotherhood is essential to creating a safe container, as well as protecting the sacred essence of our work in this space. Here, we create an opportunity for each man to feel safe, trust his process, be vulnerable, share his truth and build community. 

    We do not talk about what others share during our campfire gathering to anyone.

    We respect the confidentiality of others by not sharing their identities inside or outside of our Gatherings unless we have explicit consent from them to do so. 


    Weekly Campfire Call

    The weekly 1-1.5hr group call is Facilitated by David Berriman (Founder of Honour Amongst Men). The weekly call offers each man a safe and contained space to hold himself accountable to going within, reflecting, sharing from the heart and honouring his fellow men. As we take our turns on these calls we are mindful of the limited time we have together, and focus on sharing deeply and succinctly while holding space for all others to do so as well (THIS IS GREAT PRACTICE FOR YOUR INTIMATE RELATIONSHIPS!!!)

    We use what is traditionally known in many ancient cultures, as a talking stick. We begin each share by stating… “This is… (your name) picking up the talking stick” and finishing your share with “This is… (your name) putting down the talking stick. This process allows the man speaking to be fully heard, witnessed and felt in his expression and it also teaches the other men in the space to practise the art of deep listening, holding space and refraining from giving feedback or interrupting. This type of sharing can be incredibly transformative, learning to continuously connect from “heart” and to also receive the reflections that the other men share in the space, allowing for many insights and remembering’s to land for all. 

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