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    We stand for Empowerment, Heart and Soul.

    This is for men who are ready for CHANGE! To remove their misconceptions of themselves and start to live empowered, becoming the men they know they TRULY ARE!


    Have you ever wondered how your life could be if you were simply able to step into your full power as a man?

    Getting started.

    When you make the decision to join Self Made, you are making the commitment to becoming the strongest and most empowered version of the man you are destined to be.

    Man was not meant to sit and suffer in silence, yet in today’s society, many modern men feel as though they are alone in a war they don’t know how to win.

    Battling through life’s challenges has been a way of being for many men. Whether it be battling with his inner demons of low self worth, self sabotage, problem behaviours, addiction, providing for himself and family or a lack of purpose and direction, for decades man has lost his way of what it means to be a Self Made and Self Mastered Men.

    It has been said that in knowing ourselves we can come to know “God”. Whatever your belief or relationship to that word is, we are speaking about the creative force that knows no limitation which resides inside you.

    Transform limitation
    to empowerment.

    Why should you care?

    Can you imagine the difference between the life that you are living now and the life that you would live if you were simply able to get our of your own way, uncover all that has held you back, smash through all self imposed limitations and re-create yourself to be the KING you are at your core?

    Welcome to Self Made, the leading online transformation community and program for men who are ready to re-claim their power as a master of self.

    At Self Made we provide you with lifetime access to a brotherhood and online coaching platform where you are given full access to the most powerful tools in Self Awareness and lasting transformation available to you in the comfort of your own home.

    Connect with yourself and
    process thoughts with clarity.

    Connecting with your true self.

    Coming to know, love & accept yourself is the path to personal empowerment.

    When you commit to the path of personal Empowerment you connect to the powerful creative force that currently lays dormant inside of you, just waiting to be awoken and unleashed!

    Choosing to become a Self Made man is choosing to put yourself first, for the betterment of your own life, the ones you care about, and the world at large.

    When a man is willing to delve into the depths of his darkness, overcome his shadows and heal all that has been broken, he finds himself connecting with his true essence and the power that resides inside his heart.

    The Journey with the Self Made brotherhood gives you lifetime access to the course content and ongoing support and connections with a thriving brotherhood of like-minded men who are all committed to the evolution of their soul.

    Change your perspective,
    change your outcome.

    Here is what your journey entails:

    • Online learning and development platform with tools to equip you to step into your most empowered self.
    • 1 on 1 Timeline Reset Breakthrough Session, helping you shift into a place of complete ownership for your life.
    • 1 on 1 Emotional clearing session with your Self Made Mentor (Releasing anger, anxiety, sadness, depression, guilt & shame).
    • Weekly group mentoring call run by David Berriman.
    • Weekly Live support calls with a Self Made Mentor.
    • Accountability comrade (fellow student).
    • Lifetime Membership to the Self Made Platform- Be supported by your brothers for life.
    • Tools and strategies to deal with those debilitating mental and emotional states.
    • VIP invitations to workshops, initiation and re-birth retreats and other exclusive events.
    • Personal empowerment & Self-worth building tools – become an asset and not just an “option” to women.
    • Balance the Masculine & Feminine energies within you to create balance in your relationships with yourself and others.
    • Opportunity to be trained and certified as a Self Made Mentor. (Use your journey of Personal Empowerment to support other men on their journeys)

    We are with you!

    At Self Made we are in this thing called life with you FOR LIFE!

    In today’s society, as men we have been missing the power of the tribe that our ancestors had access to be supported in their growth.

    At Self Made we are building a community where you will connect with men from all walks of life that you can learn from and grow with, in an environment where you are held accountable to becoming the very best version of yourself.

    This is your invitation to join a brotherhood where you will build connections with many great men that you will ENJOY LIFE WITH!

    We’re here to support you in your evolution, my brother. We need more men who have the courage to step up and reclaim their divine masculine essence as together we rise as a force for good on this earth as Leaders and Self Made Men!

    Connect with men just like you that you will learn from and grow with.


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    What do the Men think of the coaching and mentoring?

    Over the last 10 years, David has already impacted hundreds of men around the world.

    • — André Barsalou
      Even if I had to step away from the program for a little while (timing is everything), the work I've already done is wonderfully beneficial, and I'm looking forward to diving back in. I've been in touch with David for about 2 years now and have always found great value in our discussions, he hasn't given up on me even through my procrastination!

    • — Darren Cummings

      Wow what a year 2020 has been for us all.  I have worked with David on and off for a few years now however this year I decided that I would commit to some serious work on myself. I like others have been skeptical of online courses but due to my previous experiences with David I went all in on this year’s courses.  With the 5 day Mastermind Reset Masterclass in May followed up in June with joining the Self Made course. To say I’ve struggled mentally and emotionally over the last few years would be an understatement, and as a business owner with 20+ staff based in Victoria during Covid lockdown I’ve been tested even more this year. I have met and worked with some amazing guys during the 12 week course that have been there for me when needed (as have I for them).  I am in such a good place with all the tools and support needed to stay there. Bring on 2021 Thank you 😊

    • — Mark vd Bergh
      I'm really learning so much on this Self Made course. I've always passed off courses like this in the past, but it has really got me to open my mind to a lot of things. To me it's amazing that Maitreya Philip's suggestion of doing push-ups to combat depression and anxiety really started an amazing change of events. Almost 6 months later I feel empowered by David Berriman with his 5 Day Mindset Reset Masterclass - (May 25th-29th) and Self Made course which started for me in June 2020. Its been life changing... I was not in a good place emotionally, spiritually, mentally, physically, every lly you can think of... And part of me didn't want to change anything, I'd literally just roll out of bed! And it wasn't because of Covid-19... Now after the 12 week course, and getting to know gents it is awesome seeing a group of men willing to put the time and effort into one another and ultimately empower strangers. I'm in such a good place thanks to these people. Thank you!

    Understand the Movement.

    Self Made is the number 1 program for today’s man who is committed to mastering himself in order to create the life he was destined to live. Coming from the creator David Berriman who has committed over 10 years of his life to mastering self, through Self Made you are provided the tools & support to come to know and master yourself in the way that we as men were meant too.